INAN ISIK second collection is characterized by bright colors that reflect Inan’s own emotions which came up during the making of the collection. Inan explains: “I was on a downward emotional journey and I felt various negative feelings that left me uninspired. I started to reflect on what I was feeling instead of ignoring it and I ended up using my feelings as a tool in my design process” Inancontinues:“ForaverylongtimeIhavefeltdisconnectedtomyfamilyinTurkey.Ihavebeensofaraway,sofar from my roots. Suddenly I have found myself in a self-centered individualistic culture where you only take care of yourself and everything you do is done for personal gains. As I realized how much I have changed and how much I didn’t like it, I wanted to reconnect with my family. The red color symbolizes this emotional journey inside myself and inside my heart which made me come closer to my roots once again”

Inan explains about the bold use of the yellow color: “The color of yellow takes me back to a childhood memory. There was only one picture of me from my childhood. It was a picture of me and my father standing in front of our watermelon farm in east Turkey. I was 2 years old and wearing a yellow dress. The picture is lost by now but I still see the image clearly in my head”. “Blue is my ocean” says Inan and continues: “In the evening when I tried to calm myself down, I would slowly count from 1 to 10. If I would even succeed in this, I would go for swim in the ocean. It gave me calmness and peace.

Collection No. 2 is a very emotional collection for me. Usually I am always a very optimistic and positive person. Making this collection gave me a lot of understanding about myself and this world. Green obviously reflects my hope for the future and journey I am on as a voice for ethical fashion and women with a curvy silhouette. The last color beige represents the acceptance of the new me. Things aren’t always black or white. It is nice to find - and accept - what is in between.”