Our Materials


Creating a good pair of jeans with built-in value, focusing on handwork, quality materials, and a perfect fit that offers a timeless sensibility felt enormously relevant as a brand that focuses on less and better products. 

  • 1 pair of jeans uses 100 litres of water in a traditional laundery.
  • Our supplier´s sustainable laundry uses 20-35 litres of water per pair of jeans.
  • A saving of 65-80 litres per pair of jeans.
  • We only use sustainable washing with ozone, sustainable bleaching and laser.
  • All the chemicals we use are GOTS and Blue Sign certified and are produced from micro-organysma.
  • We minimise processes in order to cut down on energy use.
  • Our supplier´s laundery is newly installed using the latest JEANOLOGIA technology making it enery effecient.



The decision to use traditional silk is because it is a sustainable fabric and because traditional textiles and craftsmanship techniques are essential to Inan Isik:

  • Silk production is considered to have a very low water footprint and produces almost zero percent waste.
  • Silk also has naturally healthy and hypoallergenic qualities.
  • Silk has flame retardant and antibacterial properties.
  • Silk is biodegradable within a couple of years compared to hundreds of years for synthetic materials and doesn’t emit toxins while it biodegrades as synthetic fabrics do.
  • Silk has massive potential (if produced ethically) to provide many regions of the world and women in those countries with a source of sustainable income.