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We aim to clean up our own mess and keep our fabrics alive❣️ Using the highest quality of silk, we wanted to keep our fabrics alive and give them a second life with the new silhouettes we have created at our home city in Copenhagen. The upcycle collections will be made to order and it will take 2-4 weeks of production time. Lets keep our planet clean, buy less, buy things we love and take good care of them. 

Collection No. 2

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Collection No. 1

“Life is about blooming: the endless repetition of being reborn. With every experience we grow, and we learn to experience our emotions. This collection is a symbol of love and reconnecting with our emotions.” Inan Isik

An extremely streamlined collection consisting of just 10 silk pieces in deconstructed swaying silhouettes which all perfectly mix and match together is what forms the basis for Inan’s first collection. The idea of doing things small and keeping things to a minimum is a very conscious decision and will be a signature trait of the brand. For Inan it was also important that her first collection along with future collections pay homage to the history of pattern and print. This has formed a strong collaboration between Inan Isik and The Design Library in London. It was during her first meeting with owner John Hamilton that she fell in love with her first Giorgio Taroni floral print. The classic beige background with fresh white florals blooming contrasted with small fire red buds works perfectly on the collections silk silhouettes.

Let’s support one another!

“I wanted to use the best material, the best workmanship and an ethical production managed by women suppliers. My mission is to support women and take part in empowering their confidence and mental health. We have many things to do in this life, instead of obsessing over our bodies. Through the whole supply chain and artistic direction of the brand, the priority is to collaborate with women suppliers, producers and artists. ”