Slow Fashion

More and More of Less and Less. Lets slow down. NOW, things need to change because we need to give this universe a chance to survive longer. What can we do? Buy things we need, buy things we would love and keep, buy things we will wear often, buy good quality ethical products. 

Shop Ethical and Sustainable Plus-Size Clothing at INAN ISIK online store. Plus size women's Silk Dresses in midi and maxi Lengths. INAN ISIK, plus size silk dresses are must-haves in every curvy woman's wardrobe.
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Collection No. 2

The decision to use traditional silk is because it is a sustainable fabric and because traditional textiles and craftsmanship techniques are very important to us. 

Silk is biodegradable within a couple of years compared to hundreds of years for synthetic materials and doesn’t emit toxins while it biodegrades like synthetic materials do.

Silk also has naturally healthy and hypoallergenic qualities.

Collection No. 1

“Life is about blooming: the endless repetition of being reborn. With every experience we grow, and we learn to experience our emotions. This collection is a symbol of love and reconnecting with our emotions.” Inan Isik

Timeless Products

We value each piece we create and each person´s hand work that contributed in making our products. We don’t have a season end, therefore the value of our products always stay same. We create pieces that could be used for long years that would be the future vintage pieces. Inan Isik