We make products in a way that is fit for the world we live in today and the future. We make products that are beautiful and sustainable. No compromises.

We take part in the production of our collection every step of the way, guaranteeing they are produced and delivered in a way we feel is responsible.

We believe that small can make a change too, which is why our collections are just the right size enticing our customers to not over-consume and throw away.

We keep it simple and within the right borders. We believe that we need to use and learn from each other's best skills and knowhow to produce clothes in the right way, with respect and love.

We are aware of the harmful impact clothes production has on our world, and our mission is to use the label as a platform to bring change, awareness, and education to these issues within the fashion industry.

We love and care about our people. Every person who is included in making our garments work happily under the right conditions. We would love to show you the people behind our products; 

Lives in Ödemiş and has been a n employee for 4 years.

Her feelings about working at Mert Ipek are:

Mert Ipek is a traditional as well as an innovative textile company. I work in the ready-to-wear department and our products are being exported abroad. We don’t only produce 1 type of garment; we produce many different types. I think this is an opportunity for self development. I hope to be here for many years to come.

Lives in Ödemiş and has been a worker since 2 years.

Her feelings about working at Mert Ipek are:

With the opportunities offered here, Mert Ipek is by far the best workplace I’ve worked in. The services and food facilities are examples to this. It is a company that offers good possibilities for people who care about working, especially in times like this.

Lives in Ödemiş and has been an employee for 3,5 years.

Her feelings about working at Mert Ipek are:

There is a good harmony between the owners and the workers in Mert Ipek. I believe that everyone here works with care and respect for each other. It makes me happy that often there is food and entertainment arrangements for the workers to improve their motivation and enhance unity.

Lives in Ödemiş and has been an employee for 5,5 years.

Her feelings about her working at Mert Ipek are:

Since my first day the workplace is a company which offers a warm family atmosphere, always open for innovation and has proven itself both nationally and internationally. It is distinguished and is a perfect workplace. I am honored to be part of a company which has such a safe and fine production.



Lives in Ödemiş and has been an employee for 6 years.

Her feelings about working at Mert Ipek are:

Mert Ipek is a corporate and innovative company which always strives to improve. It has developed greatly since I started. They value their workers and always work towards improving their conditions; I feel lucky and proud to be a part of such a company.

Our Factories


We only work with factories that led by ethical and sustainable production. It´s important for us to share the same mindset with our suppliers. We’ve built a close, trusting, and lasting relationship with our suppliers and their workers. All of our silk products are produced by the Mert Ipek factory. The factory is located in the last stop of the famous silk road in Izmir, Turkey.

Mert Ipek has for a long time implemented policy of improving its quality standards, environmental protection and reducing environmental impacts as well as ethical standards of it´s own.

Since the very beginning, Mert Ipek uses only natural fibers, mainly; silk, linen and wool. Not only in terms of materials, but the way it´s produced is important to have sustainable production line. Mert Ipek aware of that since and built it´s whole business plan accordingly.